Inhibitory Effect of Tea Containing Resistant Maltodextrin on the Elevation of Serum Triglyceride after Intake of Lipid

Objectives In order to examine the effect of tea containing resistant maltodextrin on the elevation of serum triglyceride after intake of lipid, a human study was performed.
Methods A food loading study with a load diet containing about 40 g of lipid was performed in 26 healthy male and female adults. The subjects were given tea containing 5.2 g(as dietary fiber)of resistant maltodextrin or tea without resistant maltodextrin(control drink)together with the load diet and blood samples were drawn at appropriate time points to analyze serum constituents.
Results The value of postprandial serum triglyceride was significantly lower in intake of tea containing resistant maltodextrin compared with that in intake of the control drink.
Conclusions The result indicated that tea containing resistant maltodextrin taken together with meal had the inhibitory effect on the postprandial serum triglyceride elevation.