Dietary Rice Bran Extract Improves TEWL of Whole Body

Background Dietary glucosylceramide have been reported to improve the skin barrier function in face and arm, but few studies have examined the effects for whole body. In this report, to study whether rice bran extract containing glucosylceramide can improve transepidermal water loss(TEWL)of whole body, a randomized placebo controlled double blind test was performed in healthy volunteers who had reported dryness of the skin.
Methods 123 health volunteers took granular powder(1.5 g/day)with or without rice bran extract including 1.8 mg of glucosylceramide for 12 weeks and did not take it for the following 4 weeks. TEWL was evaluated at the upper back, neck, elbow, dorsum pedis and cheek using a Tewameter.
Results TEWL of the rice bran extract uptake group was significantly reduced compared with the control group at 4, 8 and 12 weeks on the upper back, elbow and cheek, at 4 and 12 weeks on the neck, and at 8 weeks on the dorsum pedis.
Conclusions These results demonstrate that dietary rice bran extract containing glucosylceramide improves skin condition of whole body.